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Stainless steel anti-corrosion explosion-proof refrigerator series

Stainless steel anti-corrosion explosion-proof refrigerator series

Product Details

The scope of application of macro-green and anti-corrosion and explosion-proof refrigerator (single temperature refrigerated type):

Suitable for explosive gas environment 0, 1 area;

It is suitable for flammable dust environment 20, 21 and 22;

Suitable for II.A, II.B, IIC-grade explosive gas environment;

Suitable for the temperature group T4 to T6 environment;

Suitable for petroleum refining, laboratory, storage, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, military and military facilities and other explosive risk environment;

Explosion-proof logo: ExdibmbIIC T4 Gb

Features and features of macro-ingrid explosion-proof refrigerator (single temperature refrigerated type)

Temperature control

Temperature figures show that the refrigerated temperature is adjustable at 10 to 0 degrees C, and the special temperature can be customized

High and low temperature alarm temperature points can be set according to user needs

Security system

Self-developed explosion-proof micro-computer control system, bring its own fault alarm, temperature difference compensation, powerful, more secure

Products in accordance with the requirements of Zone 0 design and production, all kinds of safety norms are higher than China's relevant norms

The company produces explosion-proof refrigerators are inside and outside the full explosion-proof type

Products through China's explosion-proof electrical testing supervision center testing certification

Refrigeration systems

Choose brand compressor, non-fluorine refrigerant, more environmentally friendly

35 decibels silent design, quiet running

Inside Tibetan system refrigeration, overall beautiful, strong freezing force

Add multi-layer grid partition to the freezer to automatically condition ingal

Process design

Explosion-proof temperature control instrument selected external aluminum alloy shell, one look at the more safe

The exterior is stainless steel, the interior is engineered stainless steel, more resistant to corrosion protection.

Stainless steel information (Toming), better insulation effect

Single-door or multi-door design, more convenient and safe to retrieve items

No need to install, quiet for a few hours plug-in and use