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Refrigerated stainless steel explosion-proof refrigerator series

Refrigerated stainless steel explosion-proof refrigerator series

Product Details

Acer stainless steel explosion-proof refrigerator can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical storage, scientific research laboratory, medical, aerospace, military and other departments with IIB/IIC grade, temperature group T4 explosive gas mixture l area (or 2 zone) dangerous site. The explosion-proof function in the anti-explosive cabinet is in line with the GB3836.14 and GB3836.15 standards imposed by our country, and is the only place in China designed and produced according to the requirements of zone 0, and is suitable for dangerous places with II.C grade, temperature group t6 group of explosive gas mixtures. "Frost-free anti-explosive cabinet" to fill the domestic blank, to reach the world's first level.

Technology preemptively selected the first integrated explosion-proof concept, the use of special microelectronics technology, large-scale integration and simplification of explosion-proof structure. Small size, light weight and similar non-explosion-proof refrigerator the same, no external explosion-proof electrical box. My company produces anti-explosive cabinet is the only in the country according to the requirements of zone 0 design, production, and is the only domestic GB3836.14 and GB3836.15 mandatory standards of products, can store all kinds of dangerous goods. My company's anti-explosive cabinet is the choice of inside the box outside the full explosion-proof way, not only the box can store all kinds of dangerous goods, and anti-explosive cabinet can be placed in the dangerous area. Explosion-proof all-computer numerical control display refrigerator, temperature accuracy of .5 degrees C, with fault overtemperature alarm.

Safe and reliable control circuit selected the world's first micro-watt-level all-light isolation substantive safety circuit, its safety factor than the world-recognized safety energy to improve more than 3 quantitative level. The higher surface temperature constraint protection technology and a variety of safety protection technology are selected. Choose a comprehensive anti-static technology. Refrigeration system selected "airtight" explosion-proof and "positive pressure type" explosion-proof composite structure, the box according to the requirements of the 0 zone design, in line with the new safety standards.

The use of convenient explosion-free system basic choice of protection-free design, easy to use, protection. No external explosion-proof electrical box, greatly simplify the installation works.