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Horizontal single-door explosion-proof refrigerator series

Horizontal single-door explosion-proof refrigerator series

Product Details

BL series industrial-grade integrated anti-explosive cabinet, is the choice of integrated explosion-proof technology, according to the industrial environment to use the requirements of the manufacture of II.C-class anti-explosive cabinet system. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military and other parts with IIC class, temperature group T4 explosive gas mixture l zone (or 2 zone) risk site.

Explosion-proof freezer, explosion-proof refrigerator, unit internal structure explosion-proof function in line with China's mandatory GB3836.14 and GB3836.15 specifications, is the domestic single-person according to the requirements of 1-2 zone design, production, applicable to the IIB/II C grade, temperature group T4 group of explosive gas mixture risky places. "Frost-free anti-explosive cabinet" to fill the domestic blank, to reach the international preemptive level.

Technology preemptive

1. Choose the first integrated explosion-proof concept, the application of special microelectronics technology, large-scale integration and simplified explosion-proof structure.

2. Small size, light weight and similar non-explosion-proof refrigerator the same, no external explosion-proof electrical box.

3. My company's production of anti-explosive cabinet is the domestic special requirements according to the 0 zone design, production, and is the domestic single-product in line with China's GB3836.14 and GB3836.15 mandatory norms, can be stored all kinds of risk products.

4. My company's anti-explosive cabinet is the choice of inside the box outside the full explosion-proof way, not only the box can store all kinds of risk products,

And anti-explosive cabinetcans can be placed in the risk area.

5. Explosion-proof all-computer CNC digital display refrigerator, temperature accuracy of .5 degrees C, with fault overtemperature alarm.