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Explosion-proof dehumidifier equipment series

Explosion-proof dehumidifier equipment series

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Acer series models through special explosion-proof technology processing, widely used in national defense, scientific research, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, processing and production, biology, such as the existence of IIA, II B, T1 to T4 group of flammable gases, steam and air mixing composed of easy to cause risk sites, is for temperature control requirements of the site design of special temperature control air conditioning equipment.

This product has stable performance, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, simple operation and so on, strictly in accordance with the following explosion-proof electrical and dehumidification equipment standard design and production:

GB3836.1-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment Part 1: General Requirements

GB3836.2-2000 "Electrical equipment for explosive gas environment Part 2: explosion-proof "d"

GBB3836.3-2000 "Electrical equipment for explosive gas environment Part 3: "e"

GBB3836.3-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment Part 4: Substantive Safety "i"

GB3836.9-1990 "Explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosive environment"m"

Q/320INLII04-2000 Explosion-proof Dehumidifier

It is a flammable gas that exists or may be in the grade IIA, IIB temperature group for T1-T4 group of flammable gases, vapors and air mixtures, and has special dehumidification equipment designed for places with air conditioning dehumidification requirements, widely used in the national defense engineering, electronic military, petrochemical industry. Explosion-proof dehumidifier by China's explosion-proof electrical product quality supervision and inspection testing agency testing qualified, and obtained explosion-proof certificate, explosion-proof said as: ExdibmbIIBT4Gb, our company is also in production and research and developmentMedical explosion-proof refrigeratorInterested customers are welcome to come and ask.