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Explosion-proof blow-wind drying box series

Explosion-proof blow-wind drying box series

Product Details

Hongzhong grid explosion-proof electric hot drum wind-type hot wind drying box, can be used in petroleum, chemical, military, explosives, medical, pharmaceutical, scientific research, laboratories and other related fields. Can be used in dangerous places such as T2 to T4 inflammable and explosive temperature group. Heating selection explosion-proof heating tube, the controller chooses the Japanese Fuji microcomputer intelligent control device, with good temperature uniformity, high-end temperature control accuracy characteristics.


The studio is made of high-quality steel plate or stainless steel, which can be selected at will.

The intelligent temperature control instrument PID temperature control has the functions of self-regulation, temperature deviation correction, overtemperature alarm, timing, or preset temperature curve control into eight stages of temperature control, can be selected at will.

Strong wind convection, accelerate the discharge of water in the work room.

The reverse side of the box has a door that will automatically bounce open when the air heating in the box produces a certain pressure.

Introduction to the product

Macro-block explosion-proof drying box (drum-style), shell body are selected high-class steel plate surface paint, studio selection of stainless steel plate, no static electricity, the middle layer filled with ultra-fine glass cotton insulation. The studio has a high temperature-resistant silicone rubber seal at the door connection to ensure that the studio is sealed between the door. Explosion-proof oven power switch, door conditioning knob, thermostat and other operations are set in the upper front of the box and the top box. Control the appearance and all electrical options to use explosion barrier, pouring seal, Ben'an and other composite explosion-proof skills processing, sensor selection safety gate protection, to ensure the safe and reliable use of products. The heating thermostat system in the explosion-proof oven is mainly composed of an explosion-proof electric heater, a suitable duct structure and a thermostat. When the drying box power supply, the motor heater will start to heat, directly installed in the box mezzanine heater generated heat through the drum wind uniform and continuously dispersed to the work room, through the suction of dry items in the work room, to reach the thermal balance. Electric heater under the control of the microcomputer, first from high power heating to indirect to make up for the heating, so that the heating speed is controlled in a certain period of time, to reach the box of the constant temperature requirements.

In addition, through the top of the box two door conditioning device, conditioning the left and right sides of the box in the amount of air in and out and drain, so that the temperature in the box uniform, dry speed accelerated. Micro-computer intelligent temperature control instrument, choose self-regulating PID skills, compared with the traditional PID control with temperature control agility, echoing fast, ultra-small, high precision characteristics, set temperature and box body temperature at the same time have digital appearance, with the upper limit stalking alarm function, the use of touch button set parameters, easy to operate.