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Stand cabinet explosion-proof air conditioning series

Stand cabinet explosion-proof air conditioning series

Product Details

Features of explosion-proof air-conditioning products

1, air conditioning according to performance can be divided into single cold and cold heating two, according to the structure can be divided into window machine, split wall type, split cabinet type three

2, explosion-proof air-conditioning is based on high-quality air-conditioning, in accordance with the requirements of GB 3836 series of explosion-proof design, the selection of special processing technology and production for explosion-proof processing;

3, according to user requirements to choose air-conditioning brands, such as: Gree, the United States, Mitsubishi and other brands;

4, explosion-proof air-conditioning lines and ordinary air-conditioning convergence, electrical convergence must be in accordance with the requirements of explosion-proof electrical installation process, the first power supply will be introduced to explosion-proof control box, and then from the explosion-proof control box separated into the indoor and outdoor machines;

5, according to user requirements, on-site special air-conditioning equipment explosion-proof treatment, such as: large-scale chillers, refrigeration units, air-conditioning equipment and special installation of air-conditioning equipment explosion-proof treatment, we will design and production programs, submitted to the user. If necessary, according to user requirements, request explosion-proof detection center in the field to carry out product explosion-proof performance testing;

6, all explosion-proof air-conditioning products factory, are accompanied by a full set of product skills and installation instructions, please be sure to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instructions for installation and use;

7, the product structure is compact, beautiful and generous shape, according to the convenience;

8, steel pipe and cable wiring.

Explosion-proof air conditioning treatment scheme

1, wall-mounted, cabinet-type explosion-proof air-conditioning are in accordance with the GB 3836 series of indoor and outdoor machine separation explosion-proof treatment;

2, outdoor machine: in accordance with the requirements, the selection of special technology and production, the internal electrical control part, compressor, fan and maintenance of processing, processing after the outdoor machine type, installation scale and installation and the original machine together;

3, indoor machine: the indoor machine internal electrical control part decomposition, in accordance with the requirements, re-explosion design treatment, the formation of explosion-proof control box, to achieve manual control function. After explosion-proof treatment, the indoor machine shape scale, installation and the original machine together. Explosion-proof control box scale see selection table;

4, in the indoor and outdoor machine explosion-proof treatment, the use of a variety of explosion-proof methods, weak power control part of the use of this anti-explosion treatment. The Company in addition to explosion-proof air-conditioning, but also in the development and production of vertical explosion-proof refrigerator, there is a need for customers welcome to call detailed consultation.