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Patio explosion-proof air conditioning series

Patio explosion-proof air conditioning series

Product Details

Features of patio-type explosion-proof air-conditioning products:

1, the selection of the world brand rolling rotor compressor, low noise explosion-proof fan, smooth and reliable operation, power saving, long life.

2, the selection of high-efficiency multi-fold radiator, refrigerant after contact with the air more fully, can greatly improve the cooling of air conditioning thermal effect.

3, the function is complete, automatic judgment and automatic operation, refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, air delivery random choice, can be four-directional wind conditioning.

4, beautiful surface, convenient operation, space-saving, easy device.

5, power supply for 220V/50Hz, 115V/60Hz, 220V/60Hz a variety.

6, explosion-proof structure design, installation convenience, safe and reliable, more guaranteed quality.

7, explosion-proof logo: Exdmib II.BT4.

8、Explosion-proof air-conditioning manufacturers direct salesSuitable for national defense, scientific research, petroleum, chemical, military, pharmaceutical, factory, storage and other flammable and explosive places.

Scope of application:

1. This product is suitable for petrochemical, metallurgy, textiles, food, biological engineering, pharmaceutical, warehouse, aerospace engineering and military industry and other explosive environment, there are temperature control requirements of the place;

2.1 Zone, Zone 2 Risk Gas Sites

3. IIA, IIB, IIC Class T1-T4 group of explosive gas or steam environment;

4. Ambient temperature: -5C to 43C.