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Mobile explosion-proof air conditioning series

Mobile explosion-proof air conditioning series

Product Details

Explosion-proof mobile air conditioning can be used in petroleum, chemical, battery room, hazardous chemical warehouse, medicine, scientific research, military, risk warehouse and other flammable and explosive mixed gas environment. In the structure of the selection of explosion-proof type, this type, pouring type and other composite explosion-proof technology, control end by this type of control, no electric spark, easy to use safety, the selection of high-efficiency multi-winged heat exchanger, cold coal through the air touch more fully, can greatly improve the cooling of air conditioning thermal effect, manual control and remote control two. Affordable, quality assurance, explosion-proof certificate complete, random lying proof certificate. Focus on building, technical excellence, sincere for each customer to provide quality services.

One, features

1.Environmental refrigerant

2. Plug and play, no device required

3. Double isolation design between cold cavity and hot cavity air flow

4. Easy to move, universal wheel design

5. Wide range of applications

6. Mobile air conditioning plug-in, easy fast device, maintenance, move at will, showing energy-saving, humane, beautiful, environmental protection and other characteristics, for electrical cabinets, textile plants, shoes, plastic workshop, machinery and equipment, warehouse, power plant, waiting room and other environment ventilation cooling supply reasonable solutions.

Second, the principle of mobile air conditioning

When the air-conditioner is energized, the low-pressure steam of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is inhaled by the tightening machine and tightened into a high-pressure steam rear to the condenser. The outdoor air drawn in by the axial fan flows through the condenser, taking away the heat released by the refrigerant and condensing the high-pressure refrigerant vapor into a high-pressure liquid. The high-pressure liquid passes through the filter, saves the mechanism and then sprays into the steamer, and steams at the corresponding low pressure to draw heat from the surroundings. A flow fan keeps the air flowing into the ribs of the steamer for heat exchange and delivers the air that cools after heat ingress to the room.