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Explosion-proof refrigerator manufacturers share daily maintenance tips

With the widespread use of explosion-proof refrigerator, explosion-proof refrigerator some of the conventional problems are gradually bothering us, in order to let us better understand the convenience of the refrigerator, the next explosion-proof refrigerator manufacturers to us to organize some of the explosion-proof refrigerator encountered by the conventional daily use of problems and coping skills.

Macro Zhongge shares the problems and techniques of daily explosion-proof refrigerator

Question 1: Explosion-proof refrigerator noise

Reason: whether the ground of the explosion-proof refrigerator is flat, whether the back of the explosion-proof refrigerator is close to the wall, if the packaging base is not completely treated to start using may also form a loud noise.

Question 2: Explosion-proof refrigerator upper bile and next to the surface condensation

Reason: explosion-proof refrigerator is located in the environment of high temperature and humidity, explosion-proof refrigerator door is not locked, storage more moisture-containing food, it will be easy to form the upper and next side of the inner bile condensation.

Question 3: Explosion-proof refrigerator compressor does not stop or run for too long

Cause: The above problems can be checked from the following aspects. The explosion-proof refrigerator is close to a heat source or exposed to direct sunlight. There is no heat dissipation space around the explosion-proof refrigerator, the back of the explosion-proof refrigerator is tight on the wall, can not dissipate heat, resulting in the press does not stop. Whether the temperature control stop is appropriate, room temperature is higher than 10 degrees C, the temperature compensation switch is not closed, resulting in the compressor can not be stopped. Whether the goods are too placed is too crowded. Whether to put too much hot goods in. Whether the switch on the door of the explosion-proof refrigerator is too frequent. Whether the door of the explosion-proof refrigerator is closed. Whether the door seal of the explosion-proof refrigerator is damaged or deformed. The explosion-proof refrigerator thermostat is out of order and is in a normal on state. Whether the refrigerant in the explosion-proof refrigerator is leaking.

Question 4: Explosion-proof refrigerator compressor does not start

Cause: 1. Power supply is on: check whether the wall plug is loose, circuit breakers, commonly known as air switches, whether tripped. Whether there was a power outage? 2. Whether the supply voltage is too low: generally less than 180V, the compressor does not start.

Here's how:

1, with a multiple-use meter to measure the power supply voltage, pay attention to the time to master the explosion-proof refrigerator can not be used normally.

2), if the voltage is below 180V, it is necessary to add an AC voltage regulator; zui is good to automatically adjust the voltage; power in 200W to 500W are OK (practice refrigerator dedicated 120W can be, the power is leather, durable, but the price is high).

3), when the voltage is too low, explosion-proof refrigerator does not start, but the current flowing through the compressor will increase! Therefore, the compressor design, installation of overheated maintainer (close to the compressor housing) has done current maintenance. Voltage is too low for a long time, the thermal maintenance element will repeatedly trip, reset, can hear the sound of the horn, the horn.

That's all.Explosion-proof refrigerator manufacturersGive us a few explosion-proof refrigerator daily use will encounter some problems and coping skills, more information about explosion-proof refrigerator can pay attention to our official website, waiting for further cooperation with you.