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Introduction to the knowledge of the explosion-proof refrigerator in the laboratory

Because the temperature of the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator is automatically controlled, the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator, the internal temperature is lower than the additional temperature, the power supply self-blocking, laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator temperature is higher than the additional temperature, the power supply is connected on its own, because the refrigerator switch beats frequently, the metal sheet is broken, in the power supply is switched on or disconnected, the control element sparks often on the contacts. An electric spark explodes when it encounters flammable liquid vapor. Together, because the refrigerator is in an approximately sealed condition, the decompression conditions are poor, so in the event of a blast, it is much more powerful than space blasting.

Therefore, the evaporation of a few flammable liquids constitutes blasting mixed gas blasting, which can cause severe damage. Because - such as the demand for low-temperature storage of dangerous goods, are strong evaporation, easy to burn, blasting, so in the absence of explosion-proof devices in the general refrigerator is prohibited from depositing flammable explosiveand and other dangerous goods. In order to ensure the safe use of refrigerators, it is necessary to store in the refrigerator in flammable and explosive items containers are highly sealed, there must be no gaps. Zui good purchase explosion-proof refrigerator storage flammable and explosive items. If -- can not buy an explosion-proof refrigerator, you can also ask professionals to the general refrigerator easy to produce sparks in the device to move outside the refrigerator.

Introduction to explosion-proof refrigerators

Explosion-proof refrigerator into special refrigerators, mainly used in special industrial environment, used to save low temperature cooling storage drug reagents and other normal temperature difficult to save, easy to evaporate, flammable and explosive dangerous items, with the continuous development of China's petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military and other areas, explosion-proof refrigerator use is more and more extensive. However, in technology, function, technology, design and other aspects can meet the standard son of our country's products, or one in a hundred.