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What are the performance characteristics of ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator

Performance characteristics of ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerators:

1, five unique domestic technology, fluorine-free refrigerant, care for the environment

2, natural convection and forced convection common heat dissipation, prevent condenser dirty blocking burning compressor

3, drawer-type dust filter, simple and convenient maintenance

4, imported compressor, double-machine overlapping refrigeration

5, can show the temperature in the box, the first temperature, the thermal environment temperature

6, a variety of fault alarm: ultra-set temperature, sensor problems, power failure, low voltage, battery, opening time, compressor overheating, poor cooling alarm

7, with long-distance network control and long-distance alarm function

8, optional temperature recorder, optional liquid nitrogen backup system

9, multi-maintenance functions: password maintenance, power-on delay maintenance

The maintenance and maintenance of ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator is particularly important to prolong its life and normal use, if the temperature control is not accurate often leads to damage to the saved target, which has a great impact on the test results, thus affecting the normal conduct of research work.

Maintenance and maintenance of ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator

1. Refrigerator cooling is not sufficient

Check the evaporator's exterior for frost, whether the refrigerator door is switched too frequently, if the back of the refrigerator touches the wall, and if there are too many items on the back.

2. Clean once a month to ensure its cleanliness

Use dry cloth to remove a small amount of dust from the inside and outside of the refrigerator and accessories, if the refrigerator is too dirty, use a neutral detergent, clean and then thoroughly wash with pure water. However, water can not be flushed inside and above the refrigerator, as this can damage insulation material and cause problems. No lubricants are required for compressors and other mechanical parts. Care must be taken to clean the fans at the rear of the compressor. After cleaning to carry out a safe inspection, to ensure that the refrigerator plug is plugged in, do not falsely connect, to ensure that the plug is not abnormal heat, to ensure that the back of the refrigerator power and distribution wires do not break and nick.

3. The refrigerator is too noisy.

Check to see if the base plate is solid, the refrigerator is stable, if unstable, adjust the active screws so that the four corners are securely supported on the soleplate, and if there are any objects to touch the back of the refrigerator.

If the refrigeration effect is poor, the refrigerator does not stop, the cooling tube is not hot, the evaporator has a small air flow sound, these are because of slow leakage to form a refrigerant serious lymus. In the actual use of the process, there are many other problems, such problems need to accumulate experience to remove obstacles, so that ultra-low temperature explosion-proof refrigerator to achieve zui good working conditions.