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Can explosion-proof refrigerators be used to store ether

Ether is highly evaporated. Its steam is heavier than the air. In the effect of air can be oxidized into peroxides, aldehydes and acetic acid, exposed in the light can promote its oxidation. When the ether contains peroxides, the residual peroxides that are isolated after evaporation can cause a strong explosion when heated to more than 100C: these peroxides can be shaken away with 5% sulphate solution. Strong explosions can also occur in response to a mixture of waterless nitric acid, concentrated sulphuric acid and concentrated nitric acid. Dissolved in low-carbon alcohol, benzene, chloroform, petroleum ether and oil, slightly soluble in water. Relative density 0.7134. Melting point -116.3C. Boiling point 34.6C. refractive refractive rate 1.3555 flash point (closed cup) -45C. Flammable and low-toxic.

Storage precautions: According to the characteristics of the product ether should be stored in low-temperature ventilation, away from fire, heat source. Storage with oxidants, halogens and acids. Should be saved from light. Kuwin should not surpass 26"C. The package requires a seal and does not come into contact with the air. It is not appropriate to store or keep many. Choose explosion-proof lighting, ventilation equipment. Prevents the use of sparks-prone machinery and things. The storage area should be stocked with leaking emergency treatment equipment and suitable accommodation materials. Precautions: closed operation, full ventilation.Explosion-proof refrigeratorThe operators of the

Operators are advised to wear filtered gas masks (half-cover), chemical safety glasses, anti-static work clothes, and rubber oil-resistant gloves. Keep away from fire, heat sources, smoking in the workplace is strictly prohibited. Use explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment. Avoid steam from leaking into the air in the workplace. Avoid contact with oxidants. Fill the appropriate amount, should leave 5% of the empty volume. Equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may contain harmful substances.

To sum up: the ether should be stored in the explosion-proof grade IIC grade, temperature group T4 with alarm function of the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator, talent to meet the storage requirements of ether. Because of the unstable performance of ether, it is recommended to choose an explosion-proof refrigerator with temperature alarm function storage, the use of explosion-proof refrigerator to meet the explosion-proof standards, avoid using modified equipment, not to meet the real explosion-proof requirements, as far as possible to use fully functional equipment, to avoid equipment failure did not know in time to lead to safety accidents.