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A brief description of the domestic explosion-proof refrigerator purchase points are what

Now the domestic explosion-proof refrigerator manufacturers and dealers most do not understand the characteristics of explosion-proof refrigerator, so that the market has a variety of claims that explosion-proof refrigerator seventy-proof refrigerator has not reached the real explosion-proof products appear. In order to user shopping convenience, this introduction to explosion-proof refrigerator to buy the main.

First, it is necessary to haveExplosion-proof refrigeratorExplosion-proof certificate

Now domestic and imported explosion-proof refrigerator is now used in the market, however, users need to buy the supplier to provide explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection station issued by the explosion-proof refrigerator explosion-proof certificate.

Second, the purchase of explosion-proof refrigerator is necessary to use environmentally friendly and safe refrigerant, but even the refrigerant leakage will not form a blast.

Now as a result of the introduction of environmentally friendly refrigerants, Freon's corrosive effect on the Earth's ozone layer for the Scientific Research Institute confirmed that the original Freon has been continuously discontinued, and now the use of is basically R600a or R134a, will not damage the environment, non-fluorine environmental refrigerant. R600a is isobutane, it is slightly soluble in water, with stainless steel, copper aluminum and carbon steel and other metals are compatible, but flammable and explosive, R134a this refrigerant is relatively high water-soluble, so the refrigeration system is not very good, and this refrigerant in the lubricant effect, acid, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, will be corrosion effect on the metal. Therefore, R134a on the system's drying and cleaning requirements are relatively high, each has advantages and disadvantages. Some worry that refrigerant leakage will cause blasting, explosion-proof refrigerator is to do even if the refrigerant leakage (R600a) leakage will not be caused by the explosion-proof refrigerator itself elements caused by the explosion, I plant the explosion-proof refrigerator has now done to trigger the blasting elements to complete the clean-up, unless it is artificial external elements, such as gas welding cutting maintenance.

Third, the purchase of explosion-proof refrigerator is necessary to be a real IIC-class two-tier explosion-proof refrigerator.

Explosion-proof electrical equipment is divided into two categories: Category I for underground electrical equipment for coal mines, II for the use of electrical equipment in the field other than the mine, and class II electrical equipment divided into: IIA, IIB, IIC three categories. Explosion-proof refrigerator to Class II explosion-proof electrical equipment. At the same time, the IIC level is a class II equipment in the high level, there is hydrogen, acetylene environment is necessary to IIC-class explosion-proof electrical equipment, IIB class is not up to specification.

Four, explosion-proof refrigerator box is 0 area design and production, fire-free inner bile explosion-proof technology, but the structure type is now more than just ia explosion-proof type.

According to the degree of blasting risk, the gas/vapor risk site is divided into: zone 0, 1 and 2, their distinction depends first and foremost on the release of the release source (blasting risk source), of course, the structure of the building in the site, the ability of ventilation facilities and the natural elements of the site will have an impact on its differentiation, or even a great impact. For area 0 sites, explosion-proof electrical equipment can only choose the "ia" grade of the nature of safety. However, the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC60079-26 "Explosive gas environmental electrical equipment Part 26: Class II 0 area electrical equipment structure, test and logo" specifically for the use of electrical equipment in the O area made detailed rules, the structure type in the rules is now more than just ia explosion-proof type. Fire-free inner bile regardless of storage products closed or open can be used, no security risks.

V. Select the explosion-proof refrigerator with a full-explosive design inside and outside the interior and exterior

There are also some explosion-proof refrigerator will explain that it is explosion-proof inside the box, outside the box is not explosion-proof, but when the refrigerator door opened, the risk gas inside the box will overflow, it is necessary to require explosion-proof refrigerator outside the box is also in a state of explosion-proof. Therefore, any outside the box non-explosive refrigerator is not safe, users must pay attention to when shopping. My company's explosion-proof refrigerator is not only inside and outside the full explosion-proof, and its refrigeration system is also explosion-proof production, this in addition to my company, has not yet considered the refrigeration system explosion-proof refrigerator came out, so users can rest assured to buy the use of my company's explosion-proof refrigerator products.