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Analysis of the specific application of the explosion-proof refrigerator in the laboratory

The laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator interface converter provides an optional interface converter, including software for temperature documentation. Explosion-proof refrigerator is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, military, scientific research, laboratory and other areas, for cooling and storing drug reagents at low temperature softened at room temperature is not easy to save volatile flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Explosion-proof refrigerator usually in the air natural convection way cooling condenser, in the refrigerator cooling and cooling process, its temperature generally does not exceed 60 degrees C, and the refrigerator in a stable operating state, its temperature does not exceed 55 degrees C, forced convection cooling condenser temperature will be lower.

Laboratory equipment with a fine electronic controller with a voltage-free touch for alarm forwarding to an external remote alarm system. Very simple cleaning of the integrated molding lining, making daily cleaning easier and convenient. In the inevitable angle, the refrigerator door can be closed on its own, to avoid unnecessary cold loss, help the internal temperature stability. A secure door lock protects the product from unauthorized opening.

Because the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator at present china's norms of explosion-proof, has been strictly required to use the inner area of its box as a zone of 0, some once had a blast-proof certificate but the box according to the plan of the 1 zone of the explosion-proof refrigerator has been prohibited. In a simple way, area 0 is behind closed refrigerator doors, regardless of whether the dangerous goods storage container is unsealed, leaked or damaged at the time caused by the overflow of dangerous goods, its use is safe. Stainless steel explosion-proof refrigerator has both straight and inter-cooling, its control functions are diverse. In addition to the refrigeration, freezer temperature control compressor start and stop, it can automatically show the temperature of refrigeration, freezer, but also has according to the thickness of the frost layer and compressor operating time automatic defrost, as well as overvoltage protection, automatic deodorization and language tips and other functions.