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Briefly on why you use an explosion-proof refrigerator

Refrigerator we have used, but explosion-proof refrigerator we have heard? In fact, explosion-proof refrigerator is a special refrigerator, we generally do not see in the daily life.

Why choose to useExplosion-proof refrigerator?

It is suitable for cooling and storage of pharmaceutical reagents at low temperature softened at room temperature is not easy to save volatile flammable and explosive dangerous goods, is widely used in petroleum, chemical and chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, laboratory, storage, military and other fields or occupation, is the use of integrated explosion-proof technology, according to the requirements of industrial environment production of explosion-proof refrigeration system.

Explosion-proof refrigerator in accordance with industrial use requirements, used to store low-temperature environment flammable and explosive volatile and other items, such as industrial alcohol, medical drug reagents.

How do I use an explosion-proof refrigerator?

When using a laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator, if not used as required, may cause some unnecessary incidents. Therefore, it is necessary to operate in accordance with the corresponding instructions for use, do not follow their own voluntary random operation of such highly sophisticated equipment, to avoid the equipment lost its due function, then the formation of the risk will be very high.

In the first use of the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator, pay attention to check the appropriate instructions, to verify which items can be stored, which items can not be stored, every detail should be carried out in advance clearly. Together in the installation of the equipment, let the equipment be placed after a period of time before opening the equipment, zui short one hour, zui six hours long, the purpose of placement is to avoid in the process of handling or assembly of the equipment circuit to form interference, after placement can make it recover normal, to avoid the occurrence of failure. After you verify that the device is working properly, place the items in. If the use of the process of downtime, want to re-start the need to wait at least five minutes before turning on, to avoid a short period of time switch operation damage to the equipment compressor.

Of course, in the specific use of explosion-proof refrigerator process there are many things to pay attention to, if you have any questions about this can contact us, we will give you a specific answer!