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What to pay attention to when using a laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator

Because the temperature of the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator is automatically controlled, the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator, the internal temperature is lower than the additional temperature, the power supply is cut off on its own, the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator is higher than the additional temperature, the power supply is connected on its own, because the refrigerator switch beats frequently, the bimetallic piece is broken, in the power supply is switched on or off, the control elements often emit electric sparks on the contacts. An electric spark explodes when it encounters flammable liquid vapor. Together, because the refrigerator is in an approximately sealed state, the decompression conditions are poor, so - Dan explosion, its power is much greater than space blasting. Therefore, a small amount of flammable liquid evaporation constitutes a blasting mixed 5 gas blasting, can cause severe damage. Because - the need for low-temperature storage of dangerous goods, are strong evaporation, easy to burn, blasting, so in the absence of explosion-proof equipment in the general refrigerator is strictly prohibited from depositing flammable explosives and other dangerous items. In order to ensure the safety of the use of refrigerators, it is necessary to store in the refrigerator flammable and explosive items container sachets highly sealed, there can be no gaps. Zui good purchase explosion-proof refrigerator storage flammable and explosive items. If -- can not buy an explosion-proof refrigerator, but also can ask professionals to the general refrigerator easy to produce sparks in the equipment to move outside the refrigerator.

Laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator interface converter that provides an optional interface converter with software that contains temperature documentation. Explosion-proof refrigerator is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, military, scientific research, laboratory and other fields, for cooling and storage of pharmaceutical reagents at low temperature softened at room temperature is not easy to save volatile flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Explosion-proof refrigerator usually in the air natural convection way cooling condenser, in the refrigerator cooling and cooling process, its temperature generally does not exceed 60 degrees C, and the refrigerator in a stable operating state, its temperature does not exceed 55 degrees C, forced convection cooling condenser temperature will be lower.