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Laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator maintenance tips

Professional laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator for the storage of flammable, explosive, volatile, corrosion-prone chemical reagents, experimental reagents. It is suitable for laboratories and scientific research units in universities, such as experimental places. Is to prevent the explosion caused by the personnel may be industrial losses. User-friendly design, tempered glass partition, easy to store a variety of specifications of reagent bottle ultra-quiet fan equipped with noise-cancelling technology, the whole machine noise is less than 40 cents, the laboratory environment quieter to avoid the light-absorbing foam door body, with a small angle self-closing function.

Professional laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator maintenance tips:

1, to ensure the ambient temperature. Ultra-low temperature refrigerator working environment temperature must be below 30 degrees C, ventilation around good. Too high temperature or poor ventilation can easily form equipment over-carrier turn damage.

2, timetore refrigerator door seal ice. The door seal is not strict, the insulation effect is seriously reduced, easy to cause the compressor for a long period of overload operation to form damage. Schedule the cooling filter (once every two months). Long time do not organize the filter, dust blocking the mesh hole, forming poor cooling, resulting in cooling motor damage, and thus compressor damage. Please check the instruction manual for the arrangement.

3, in the process of use, the opening of the box door should not be too frequent, as far as possible to reduce the number of opening, shorten the opening time, in order to reduce the gas leakage inside the box, in order to save electricity.

4, should keep the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator around the area clean, to prevent drift and be inhaled condenser, affecting the cooling effect.

Defrost can only block the power and open the door, when the ice and frost start to melt, it is necessary to put a clean and absorbent cloth in the refrigerator to absorb and wipe clean the water

Clean once a month to ensure its cleanliness

Use dry cloth to remove a small amount of dust inside and outside the refrigerator and accessories, if the refrigerator is too dirty, use a neutral detergent, clean and then completely wash with pure water, do not flush in the inside and upper of the refrigerator, otherwise it will damage the insulation material and lead to failure