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What are the differences between a general refrigerator and a vertical explosion-proof refrigerator?

Vertical explosion-proof refrigerator belongs to the special refrigerator, mainly used in special industrial environment, used to save the low temperature cooling storage of pharmaceutical reagents and other normal temperature difficult to save, easy evaporation, flammable and explosive dangerous items, with China's petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military and other fields of continuous development, vertical explosion-proof refrigerator is more and more widely used. However, in technology, performance, technology, design and other aspects can meet the standards of our country's products, is still one in a hundred.

What is the difference between a general refrigerator and a vertical explosion-proof refrigerator?

Because the temperature of the refrigerator is automatically controlled, when the temperature in the box is lower than the additional temperature, the power supply is cut off on its own, the temperature in the box is higher than the additional temperature, the power supply is connected on its own, because the switch in the refrigerator is frequent, the bimetallic piece is broken, in the power supply is switched on or disconnected, the control element sparks often on the contacts. An electric spark explodes when it encounters flammable liquid vapor. At the same time, because the refrigerator is in an approximately sealed state, the decompression conditions are poor, so once the explosion occurs, its power is much greater than space blasting. Therefore, a few flammable liquid evaporation to form a blasting mixture of gas blasting, can form severe damage. Because the general need for low-temperature storage of dangerous goods, are strong evaporation, easy to burn, blasting, so in the absence of explosion-proof devices in the general refrigerator is prohibited from storing flammable explosive and other dangerous items. In order to ensure the safe use of refrigerators, it is necessary to store in the refrigerator flammable and explosive items container sachets highly sealed, there must be no gaps. Zui good set up a vertical explosion-proof refrigerator to store flammable and explosive items. If you can't buy an explosion-proof refrigerator for a while, you can also ask a professional to move a device that creates simple sparks in a general refrigerator to the outside of the refrigerator.

Attention to the use of vertical explosion-proof refrigerator

When using a lab stand-up explosion-proof refrigerator for the first time, if not used as required, it may cause some unnecessary accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the corresponding instructions to operate, do not act according to their own will to operate such highly sophisticated equipment, to avoid the equipment lost its due function, then the formation of the risk will be very high. It is also important to note that in the first use of the laboratory vertical explosion-proof refrigerator, can be powered after the empty box operation for a period of time, generally also zui is one hour short, zui is six hours long. After you make sure the device is working properly, place the items in. At the same time, if the use of the process of downtime, want to power on again need to wait at least five minutes before opening, to avoid a short period of time switch operation damage to the equipment compressor. Taking these small details to your attention, the use of such high-precision instruments will become more satisfying.