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What are the advantages and disadvantages of straight-cooled explosion-proof refrigerator

Straight-cooled explosion-proof refrigerator meaning: the refrigerator evaporator cooling tube directly attached to the refrigerator and freezer inside or back, in the evaporator heat absorption, the closer to the cooling tube air cooling faster, thus forming a natural convection in the refrigerator room, and gradually realize the overall cooling, that is, direct cooling method.

Straight cold explosion-proof refrigerator frosting reasons: refrigerator air moisture, encountered the refrigerator wall temperature is very low cooling tube, natural condensation frosting phenomenon will occur.

Benefits of a straight-cooled explosion-proof refrigerator:

First, the straight-cooled explosion-proof refrigerator refrigerator structure is simple, the failure rate is relatively low, low cost leads to low prices.

Second, the refrigeration principle is simple and direct, relatively more energy-saving power saving.

Third, confined space natural convection, air humidity is large, the water of the product is not easy to lose.

Defects in straight-cooled explosion-proof refrigerators:

First, frosting problems cause users need to manually defrost, time-consuming and laborious, do not attract people to see.

Second, frost problem will seriously affect the evaporator heat absorption refrigeration, refrigeration power will be significantly reduced.

Third, natural convection makes the refrigerator cold spread unevenly, refrigerator memory in the frozen dead corner, food is not the same degree of freezing, poor cooling effect.

Fourth, the humidity of the air is larger, simple formation of the freezer products glued to a piece, not simple separation;