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What are the structural requirements of imported explosion-proof refrigerators in a brief description

ImportExplosion-proof refrigeratorSuitable for use in hazardous, explosive equipment, and the relevant accessories in the refrigerator, such as lamps, thermostats, switches, fans, relays, and compressors, have been removed or made appropriately to make them suitable for use in hazardous areas. This product does not come with a power cord and features an external adjustable mechanical thermostat. The door is designed with locks. The customer must equip himself.

Product structure requirements for imported explosion-proof refrigerators

1. The compressor shall be fitted with a heat maintainer or hot fuse to constrain the surface temperature;

2. The skill requirements of the compressor junction box and the pouring-sealing components such as the sealing type box must conform to the requirements of 4.1 in GB3836.9-90.

3. The circuit connectors in the explosion-proof terminal box and the connectors of the Ben-An circuit need to be welded and maintained with a hard wiring cap and silicone rubber.

4. Ben-Ann and non-Ben-Ann circuits shall be separated and secured.

Imported explosion-proof refrigerator accessories:

1, rated lock column in order to maintain the stored products from unauthorized visits, up to 10 rated lock columns can be used as accessories for laboratory appliances with Comfort-type electronic control system (the corresponding number of accessories as required).

2. The glass shelf, which can accept up to 40 kg of extremely solid glass shelf, can easily adjust the height and can be removed when the door is 90 degrees. Even small objects can be securely fixed on top of them.

3, cleanness installed on the refrigerator and installed in the defrost water drain makes the defrost more convenient and ensure its cleanliness.

4. The white coated cover made of aluminum (for refrigerator) prevents high temperature-sensitive products from being accidentally placed too close to the evaporator. This greatly reduces the risk of laboratory preparations icing on the rear wall evaporator.

5, imported explosion-proof refrigerator grille shelf thanks to the ability to accept up to 45 kg load of modifiable painted mesh shelves, in the interior can complete greater flexibility. The solidsupport foot This LKv type can be added with a solid base made of stainless steel. The adjustable height between 150 mm and 170 mm makes it easy to clean under the appliance.