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What to know about explosion-proof refrigerators when they are first used

Explosion-proof refrigerator, as the name implies, is used to store low-temperature environment flammable and explosive volatile and other items, such as ether, acetone, petroleum ether and so on. What should we know before we use it for the first time? How to use the explosion-proof refrigerator correctly? How to protect it? Let's take a look today.

First, the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator should know what?

1, in the first use of laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator, if not used as required, may cause some unnecessary accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the corresponding instructions to operate, do not act according to their own will to operate such highly sophisticated equipment, to prevent equipment from losing its due diligence, so that the risk of the formation will be very high.

2, pay attention to check the corresponding instructions, to verify clear which items can be stored, which items can not be stored, every detail should be carried out in advance clearly. At the same time in the acquisition of equipment in the future, let the equipment placed after a period of time before opening the equipment, a short hour, a long six hours, the intention of placement is to prevent in the process of handling or assembly of the equipment circuit interference, placement in the future can make it return to normal, to prevent the occurrence of failure.

3, can power after the empty box operation for a period of time, generally is also a short hour, a long six hours. After you make sure the equipment is working properly, place the items in. If the use of the process of downtime, want to re-start the need to wait for at least five minutes before opening, to prevent a short period of switch operation damage to the equipment compressor. Taking note of these small details one by one, the use of such high-precision devices will be more satisfying.