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Analysis of the use characteristics and scope of medical explosion-proof refrigerators

Medical explosion-proof refrigerators are specialized freezers that place and preserve special drugs such as drugs, vaccines, enzymes, hormones, stem cells, platelets, semen, transplanted skin and animal tissue samples, extracted RNA, and genetic libraries and some important biological and chemical reagents.


1. The box selects high-density polyurethane all foaming, light weight, good insulation effect.

2. Automatic defrosting function, suitable for high temperature and high humidity area.

3. High temperature control accuracy, with high and low temperature alarm, temperature sensor fault alarm and safety lock function.

4. Temperature probe, automatically display the inner temperature of the box, easy to observe the temperature change inside the box at any time.

5. Cooling or cooling speed, a short time to meet the set temperature requirements.

Scope of use:

1. For the storage of blood bags, drugs, reagents, etc., can be used with other instruments for protein extraction, shake bacteria cultivation and other experiments in low temperature maintenance.

2. As a laboratory practice of refrigerators, storage such as enzymes, blood products, nucleic acids and so on.

3. Ultra-low temperature refrigerator is mainly used to preserve medicines, vaccines, enzymes, hormones, stem cells, semen, transplanted skin and specimens extracted from the human body, gene cloning banks and some important biological and chemical reagents.

4. In the future, we will pay main attention to the reliability of cryogenic refrigerators and the storage conditions of different samples. Nanomaterials will be a promising material in the future cryogenic refrigerators. Monitoring systems will also be an important part.

Medical explosion-proof refrigerator is widely used in scientific research institutions, medical and health care, biopharmaceuticals, pharmacies and many other industries and scope, is one of the essential medical equipment. Medical explosion-proof refrigerator has strict temperature control equipment, its performance and use is quite different from the household refrigerator.