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How to use the laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator correctly

Refrigerators are something we use in our lives, and people use it every day. So some people worry about the refrigerator used for a long time will have any security risks? The general refrigerator and explosion-proof refrigerator what is the difference?

Some explosion-proof refrigerators will indicate that they can not store peroxide dangerous goods, these are generally confused users of the 1-zone planning to make the explosion-proof refrigerator. Users must be careful when choosing the product. Because in the event of an explosion, the user can not prove at this point whether to store peroxide, perhaps in the storage of peroxide, at this time the attribution of responsibility is now unable to be confirmed.

Explosion-proof refrigerator into special refrigerators, mainly used in special industrial environment, used to save low temperature cooling storage drug reagents and other normal temperature difficult to save, volatile, flammable and explosive dangerous items, followed by China's continuous development in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military and other fields, explosion-proof refrigerator use is becoming more and more extensive. However, in technology, function, technology, planning and other aspects can meet the standards of our country's products, or one in a hundred.

Correct use of laboratory explosion-proof refrigerator

1. Refrigerator work should try to reduce the number of times to open the box door, reduce the overflow of cool air.

2. If the power supply voltage fluctuates greatly, (for example, repeated power failure), should suspend the use of the refrigerator, unplug the power supply, to avoid burning the compressor.

3. Refrigerator after the shutdown do not immediately power up to start the compressor, should stop for 2 to 5 minutes before starting.

4. Temporary power failure, the refrigerator should be unplugged first. During the power failure should try to reduce the number of times the door open, usually in the case of the refrigerator door locked, the box food can keep fresh for 15 to 20 hours.

5. In the refrigerator use process, should pay attention to its refrigeration function, and then choose a zui suitable for their own family refrigerator temperature. The conversion temperature controller knob changes the temperature in the refrigerator.