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What are the differences between medical explosion-proof refrigerators and commercial refrigerators?

The essential difference between medical explosion-proof refrigerator and commercial refrigerator

Although the small editor is a clinical professional life, but for the medical explosion-proof refrigerator understanding is still very few, commercial refrigerator is only stay in the supermarket freezer and household refrigerator. In order to further understand the difference between medical explosion-proof refrigerator and household refrigerator, Xiao editors visited other companies, carried out a deeper understanding of medical explosion-proof refrigerator, and compared the real-time temperature of medical explosion-proof refrigerator sand-proof refrigerator to commercial refrigerator.

We first understand the difference between the medical explosion-proof refrigerator and the commercial refrigerator outside, in the difference in raw materials, medical explosion-proof refrigerator internal bile must choose medical PP raw materials. Medical PP raw material is polypropylene plastic, an excellent resin variety, with high density, high crystallization function. And commercial refrigerator inner bile choice food-grade PP plastic. As a medical grade PP is medically certified, the safety of materials is the main, raw material additives and food grade PP is not the same. Medical PP raw materials can be used in commercial refrigerators, but food-grade PP can not be used in medical explosion-proof refrigerators.

Analysis of medical explosion-proof refrigerator and commercial refrigerator temperature shake, temperature uniformity and stability. Under the same conditions, 9 temperature chips were placed on both the medical explosion-proof refrigerator and the commercial refrigerator, the middle and lower part, collected data every 10 minutes, and continuously monitored for 24 hours, zui after the analysis and comparison of 9 sets of data. The temperature of the medical explosion-proof refrigerator has been maintained at 2 to 8 degrees C, while the temperature of the commercial refrigerator is stable only in the first 2 hours. From the temperature uniformity, medical explosion-proof refrigerator on, middle and lower 3 rows of temperature, can ensure the box environmental temperature balance, and commercial refrigerator in the cooling process, the upper temperature significantly slow cooling. The experiment selected the medical explosion-proof refrigerator is 430 liters, commercial refrigerator is selected 320 liters, are single-door refrigerator. In terms of temperature, commercial refrigerator storage reagents, specimens and blood are at risk, in terms of temperature.

Refrigerator is one of the equipment commonly used in medical institutions zui, mainly used to store different requirements of drugs, reagents and blood. Usually the user uses the instruction manual to know whether the refrigerator can meet the requirements of use. However, for medical explosion-proof refrigerators that do not have to be of type, temperature control accuracy, compressor quality, number of sensors, duct planning, insulation layer thickness and frost method are all factors to consider product quality. However, these factors precisely affect the function and safety of stored items.